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Flood Relief

At Longford Hire, we carry a wide range of pumps from 2" to 6". Barriers and fencing, Temporary toilets. Generators 5KVA - 500 KVA. De-Humidifiers. Wet-Dry Vacs. heaters of all types and sizes. Rapid response to all call outs

6" Diesel Water Pump
4" Diesel Water Pump
3" Petrol Water Pump
Pump 2"
6" Hoses extra
Kerosene Heater
16KVA Generator
3KVA Diesel Generator
Dehumidifiers & Heaters
Wet & Dry Vac.
Toilet unit
Pedestrian Safety Barriers
6"- 3 phase submersible & soft start box
Lighting Towers 9 meter Fast Tow

Flood relief Longford, Wesmeath, Cavan, Leitrim, Roscommon , the Mildands, Ireland

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